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C200H-DAC01 Data Access Console OMRON C200H-DAC01

I/O Bus Connector Cover 3G2A5-COV01
C200H Discrete I/O Data Access Console C200H-DAC01Model: C200H-OD217.
No. of points: 12 pts.
Specifications: 5 to 24 VDC. source type (PNP).Unit type: CJ1 CPU Bus Unit.
Product Name: FL-net Unit.
Specifications:Communications interface,
100Base-TX; Communications functions,
With FL-net Ver C200H-DAC01. 2.0 specifications,
(OPCN--2) Data links and message service,
Max. Units mountable per CPU Units, 4.
No. of unit numbers allocated: 1 C200H-DAC01.
Current consumption : 5V, 0.37A; 24V,--.
Standards: UC1, CE.
Connect to Multivendor Controller Networks.
This Unit allows you to connect to FL-net,
an open network based on Ethernet.
Multivendor FL-net networks can be built,
to combine CJ series PLCs with CNC machines,
robots, and PLCs from other manufacturers C200H-DAC01. Name: CS1D Expansion Backplane.
Specifications: Applicable systems,
Duplex CPU, Single I/O Expansion System only;
Number of Power Supply Units, 2 Units max.
(for duplex operation);
Number of I/O Units, 9 Units max OMRON C200H-DAC01.
Current consumption: 5V system, 0.28A;
26V system, --.
Standards: UC1, N, L, CE.
Redundant CPU Units , Power Supply Units ,
Communications Units ,
and Expansion I/O Cables. Specification: Thermocouple input, transistor (NPN) output, 2 loops.Unit type: CS-series Special I/O Units OMRON C200H-DAC01.
Product name: Analog Input Units.
Specifications: I/O points, 4 inputs;
Signal range selection,
Set separately for each input;
Signal range, 1 to 5 V, 0 to 5 V,
0 to 10 V, -10 V to 10 V, 4 to 20 mA;
Resolution, 1/8,000 (Settable to 1/4,000);
Conversion speed, 250 s/point max OMRON C200H-DAC01.
(Settable to 1 ms/point).
Externa connection, Removable terminal block.
Current consumption: 5V, 0.12A; 26V, 0.09A.
Standards: UC1, N, CE.
For Various Analog I/Os.
Analog Input Units for converting,
analog input signals into binary data.
Analog Output Units for converting ,
binary data into analog output signals. CV500-VP CPU Bus Unit Personal Computer Unit Main Mem CV500-VP223.
4-MB memory; w/floating-point processor.C500-AAD/3G2A5-AD Special I/O Unit Analog Input C500-AD006(3G2A5-AD006) C200H-DAC01.
Input: 4 pts.
Specification: +1~+5V、4~20mA.Model: C200H-OD214.
No. of points: 8 pts.
Specifications: 0.8 A, 24 VDC. source type (PNP). with load short protection.
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