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Specification: three phase 400V.
Power: 2.2KW.
Maximum output voltage: three phase AC380 ~ 480V (input voltage correspondence).
Rated voltage: three phase 480V ~ 50/60Hz AC380.
Weight: about 4kg.
In the inverter is equipped with the servo can play the same static torque with PG vector control function,
DeviceNet communication makes the application field more extensive 3G2A5-ID212.
The high functionall specifications are concentrated in the compact.
Equipped with PG vector control.
Subsequent models of 3G3RV 3G2A5-ID212.
CV/VT selection function.
Rich online automatic adjustment function (self learning function).
CX-Drive software.
DeviceNet correspondence correspondence.
Multi function input and output function.
Colorful function.
Brake transistor built-in.
Protection function 3G2A5-ID212. Used to set parameters, perform various monitoring tasks, and implement the start / stop operation of the converter.
Function name: 3 phase 400V.
Power: 15KW.
Rated output voltage: 3 phase, 380 ~ 480V (the output voltage can not exceed the input voltage).
Built in brake unit (brake resistance needs to be matched) OMRON 3G2A5-ID212.
Weight: 5.2KG.
Dimension (w * h) 296mm *:180.
Outline dimension (deep):175mm.
Mechanical automation concept.
Positioning function.
The use of options.
(EtherCAT, CompoNet and DeviceNet) to realize the field bus communication OMRON 3G2A5-ID212.
Driver programming function.
Current vector control.
High starting torque: 0.5Hz up to 200%.
Safety features, in compliance with ISO13849-1:2008 EN (Cat.3/PLd) and IEC60204-1 stop level 0 standard.
Frequency output up to 580H. Applicable converter capacity: maximum 15KW, minimum 0 OMRON 3G2A5-ID212.4KW.
Connected to the converter input / output cable,
Reduce the noise from the power supply line to the frequency converter or from the converter to the power line. Specification: three phase 400V.
Power: 0.4KW.
Maximum output voltage: three phase input voltage.
Rated voltage, frequency: three-phase power supply 380 ~ 50/60Hz, 480V.
Cooling way: natural wind cooling.
Weight: 1.2kg.
Open loop vector control mode of low speed and high torque, rich control function and convenient distribution management network function,
Set in one of the inverter --3G3MZ.
3G3MZ series inverter for the application of frequency control and development.
Humanized design and advanced management technology, as well as OMRON a simple style of modeling, feature rich style,
Combined with the latest technical needs of users, so that it has a noble lineage aand the most close to the market elements 3G2A5-ID212.
Covers the special features of the fan pump class, open loop vector function,
Built in noise filter and a variety of network bus,
3G3MZ will be your most economical and the most perfect choice.
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