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OMRON C200H-PS211 Power Supply Module C200H-PS211

CPU Unit: CP1L-L CPU Units with 14 Points.
Specifications: CPU type, Memory capacity: 5K steps
High-speed counters: 100 kHz, 4 axes Pulse outputs:
100 kHz, 2 axes (Models with transistor outputs only);
Power supply, AC power supply; Output method, Transistor output (sinking);
Inputs, 8; Output, 6 C200H-PS211.
Standards: UC1, N, L, CE.
High Performing Programmable Controller with Embedded Ethernet.
"CP1L-EM" and "CP1L-EL" has a standard-feature Ethernet port.
"CP1L-M" and "CP1L-L" has a standard-feature peripheral USB port C200H-PS211.
Function blocks (FB) allow you to build up modular structure and,
programming of ladder diagrams. Model: CPM2C-24EDTC. Units with 24 I/O points
2 Fujitsu connectors.
Inputs: 16 inputs.
Outputs: 8 outputs.
Input type: 24 VDC C200H-PS211.
Output type: sinking transistor.
Model: C200H-PS211.
Supply voltage: 24VDC.Name: CS1D CPU Backplane.
Specifications: Applicable systems,
Duplex CPU, Single I/O Expansion System only;
Number of Power Supply Units, 2 Units max.
(for duplex operation);
Number of I/O Units, 5 Units max OMRON C200H-PS211.
Current consumption: 5V system, 0.55A;
26V system, --.
Standards: UC1, N, L, CE.
Redundant CPU Units , Power Supply Units ,
Communications Units ,
and Expansion I/O Cables. CV500-FH SYSMAC BUS PC Unit Floppy/Hard Disk Drive For 100 VAC CV500-FHD01-EModel: CPM2C-24EDT1M OMRON C200H-PS211. Units with 24 I/O points
2 MIL connectors.
Inputs: 16 inputs.
Outputs: 8 outputs.
Input type: 24 VDC.
Output type: sourcing transistor.Unit type: CJ1 Basic I/O Units.
Product name: DC Input/Transistor Output Units OMRON C200H-PS211.
Specifications: Output type, Sinking;
I/O points, 16 inputs, 16 outputs;
Input voltage,Input current,
Maximum switching capacity, 24VDC, 7mA,
12 to 24 VDC, 0.5 A;
Commons, 16 points, 1 common;
External connection, MIL connector.
No. of words allocated: 2 words.
Current consumption: 5V, 0.13A; 24V, --.
Standards: UC1, N, CE.
A Wide Range of Basic Mixed,
I/O Units for Different Applications,
and Wiring Methods.
One Mixed I/O Unit has connectors for,
both inputs and outputs.
Use Mixed I/O Units to easily ,
build space-saving systems. Model: C200H-OD215.
No. of outputs: 32 pts.
Specifications: 24 VDC.Product name: CJ2H (Built-in EtherNet/IP) CPU Units.
Specifications: I/O capacity/Mountable Units(Expansion Racks),
2,560 points/40 Units(3 Expansion Racks max.) ;
Program capacity, 250K steps; Data memory capacity,
512K words(DM: 32K words, EM: 32K words × 15 banks);
LD nstructio execution time, 0.016 μs.
Current consumption(A): 5V,0.82(See note.); 24v, --.
Standards: UC1, N, L, CCE C200H-PS211.
CJ2H for high speed, high capacity.
The CJ2H Series is ideal for advanced machine.
automation needs such as those required in image.
processing inspection of electrical components and,
high speed sorting on conveyors.
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