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Brand: OMRON
Country: JAPAN
Market price: U.S.$ 3384.46
(The following are the market open price not sales price!)
Category: incidental cover type.
Structure: bottom surface mounting type (300/600/1500W type forced cooling with built-in fan).
Capacity: 30W.
Output voltage: 24V.
Output current: 1.3A.
Built in OMRON''s original new under voltage detection function of small size,
Also contribute to the miniaturization of the device.
Built in support for determining the abnormal causes of the new under voltage detection function F3SJ-A0725N20
(S8VM- - P - 24A - racy type)
Power failure detection function with built-in hint output voltage abnormity.
(type 300/600/1500W)
A total of 8 kinds of capacity of 29 models, a complete range of products.
Meet RoHS instructions including lead free.
Humanized design of anti - shedding screw for terminal stage.
(except for the 300/600/1500W output terminals)
Support finger touch protection to prevent electric shock.
DIN guide rail simple installation.
Safety standards: CSA, C22.2 No.14/No.60950-1 UL508/60950-1,
EN50178, EN60950-1.
(300/600/1500W type, safety standard is not applicable when the fan is replaced by the customer.)
Meet F47-0200 SEMI standards. (200V input)
High harmonic current limit: EN61000-3-2. (except for type 15/30W)
Classification: General-purpose.
Coil ratings: AC 24, 110, 120, 230, 240; DC 6, 12, 24, 48.
Contact form: DPDT.
Slim and Space-saving Power Plug-in Relay.
Reduces wiring work by 60% when combined with the,
P2RF-@-PU Push-In Plus Socket.
(according to actual OMRON measurements).
Lockable test button models available.
Built-in mechanical operation indicator.
Provided with nameplate.
AC type is equipped with a coil-disconnection self-diagnostic,
function (LED type).
High switching power (1-pole: 10 A). Appearance: Rectangular (M16-T).
Lighting: Incandescent lamp, 12 VAC/VDC.
Degree of protection: IP65 oil-resistant.
Display color symbol: R: red; Y: yellow; G: green; A: blue;
W: white; PY: pure yellow; PW: pure white.
Cylindrical 16-dia. Indicator.
Same basic design as the A16 Pushbutton Switch. Ratings: Standard load; 5 A at 250 VAC, 4 A at 30 VDC.
Cable: VCTF oil-resistant cable *1.
Actuator: Roller lever.
Cable length : 5 m.
Compact Limit Switch That''s Also.
Thin and Highly Sealed.
Approved by EN, UL, CSA, and CCC (Chinese standard).
(Ask your OMRON representative for information on approved models.)
Sealing characteristics that meet IEC IP67 degree of protection.
Triple-sealed construction:
Plunger section sealed via nitrile rubber packing seal and,
diaphragm; switch section sealed via nitrile rubber cap;
cable entrance sealed via encapsulating material.
Cable lengths of 3 and 5 m available on standard models.
Models also available with UL and CSA-certified cables.
Multiple mounting possible with Switches with Plungers.
Models with red LED indicators added to series for easy,
confirmation of operation.
(Set by default to light for non-operation.)
VCTF oil-resistant cables with CE marking.
(Applicable only to standard models.)
F3SJ-A0725N20 Operation manual / Instructions / Catalog download link: /searchDownload.html?Search=F3SJ-A0725N20&select=5

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