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C200H-OD21A Transistor Output Module

OMRON C200H-OD21A Product information and technical parameters:
Brand: OMRON
Name: Transistor Output Module
Model: C200H-OD21A
Model: C200H-OD21A.
No. of points: 16 pts.
Specifications: 1.0 A, 24 VDC. source type (PNP). with load short protection.

A memory card suitable for Phoenix PCM+3.2 and one of thefollowing Bus Connection Units is required. No PC card is provided with the Unit.C200H Discrete I/O Data Access Console C200H-DAC011 set (2 included).Data Setting Console Connecting Cable, For C200H-DSC01.
4M.For C200H-PRO27-E Hand-held Programming Console ming Console C200H-OD21A.
4m.C200H Accessory Interface Unit C200H-IP007Short protection for 10-pin terminal block (package of 10 covers) C200H-OD21A 8 pts.Model: C200HS-MP16K.
Capacity: 16K words/32K words.Model: C200H-ME831.
Description: EEPROM, 8K words, no clock.Model: C200H-CN711.
Cable length: 70cm.ASCII Unit
This program runs independently from the ladder-diagram program in the PLC.

Name: ASCII Module C200H-OD21A.
Model: C200H-ASC11.
Communications port>Port 1: RS-232C(peripheral device or termi-nal connection).
Communications port>Port 2: RS-232C(peripheral deviConnects Power Supply Adapter and SYSMAC NET Link Unit.
Included with C200H-APS02.General Information
The C200HS-SLK12 SYSMAC LINK fiber-optic module connects the PLC to the SYSMAC
LINK fiber-optic token bus peer-to-peer communications network C200H-OD21A. An external power supply option provides direct pass-through communications in case of modulModel: C200H-ID215.
No. of inputs: 32 pts.
Specifications: 24VDC.Model: C200H-DA002.
Input points: 4.
Voltage input: –10 to 10V.
Current input: 4 to 20 mA.Model: C200H-MR831.
Description: RAM, 8K words, battery back-up. no clock.Model: C200HW-BI031.
No. of I/O slots: 3 slots.C200H Power Supply Aux PS for SLK11 C200H-APS03.
Required when supplying backup power.Name: PID Control Module.
Model: C200H-PID02.
Output: Voltage output.Name: PID Control Module.
Model: C200H-PID01.
Output: Transistor outtput (open collector) C200H-OD21A. For 10-slot Backplane.UM: 31.2K words.
DM: 6K words.
EM: 6Kx3 banks(18K) words.
Instruction processing time (basic instructions): 0.1 µ.s min.
No. of I/O points: 880 points.
Max. no.of con-necting Expansion I/OO Racks: 2 Racks C200H-OD21A.
Max. no. of connecting High-density I/O Units(i.e., Group-2): Unavailable.
Max. no. of con-necting Special I/O Units: 10.
RS-232C: NO.

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