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C200H-OD501 TTL Output Module

OMRON C200H-OD501 Product information and technical parameters:
Brand: OMRON
Name: TTL Output Module
Model: C200H-OD501
Model: C200H-OD501.
No. of outputs: 32 pts.
Specifications: 5VDC.

Model: C200H-ME432.
Description: EEPROM, 4K words, battery back-up.with clock(CPU21, CPU23 only).Model: C200H-TM001.
Timing method: CR oscillator.
No. of timers: 4
Setting ranges: 0.1 to 1.0 s, 1 to 10 s, 10 to 60 s, 1 to 10 min
Operation: Controllable from PLC program. Usable as accumulating timer C200H-OD501.
External adjustment: Via C4K-CN223 (2 m) connector to 20-UM: 31.2K words.
DM: 6K words C200H-OD501
EM: 6Kx3 banks(18K) words.
Instruction processing time (basic instructions): 0.1 µ.s min.
No. of I/O points: 1, 184 points.
Max. no.of con-necting Expansion I/O Racks: 3 Racks.
Max. no. of connecting High-density I/O Units(i.e., Group-2): Unavailable.
Max. no. of con-necting Special I/O Units: 10.
RS-232C: NO C200H-OD501. 100 to 120/200 to 240 VAC (switchable), Wired.Model: C200HW-COM05-V1.
Specifications: Two RS-232C ports and a protocol macro function.ID Sensor Units
The ID Sensor Unit is a non-contact ID system that unifies product, production, and control data, and provides for efficient production of different products in varying quantities. A separate catalog is available providing information aboutC200HS-CPU21-E CPU
High Performance, Small Rack Style, Built-in RS-232C Port
The C200HS-CPU21-E and C200HS-CPU23-E controllers offer some of the same basic functionality as models C200H-CPU01-E/CPU03-E C200H-OD501.
These controllers have the added capabilities ideally suited for high speed machine control,
which includes larger memory,
larger instruction set,
and increased speed.For 5-slot Backplane.C200H A Backplane I/O Mounting Bracket For 8 Slots C200H-ATTA3.Model: C200H-OC225.
No. of points: 16 pts.
Specifications: 2A, 250VAC/24VDC(For resistive loads).Model: C200H-B7A02.
I/O pointss: 32 output points C200H-OD501.
Weight: 300g max.Model: C200H-OD411.
No. of points: 8 pts.
Specifications: 1A, 12 to 48 VDC.Model: C200H-OC222.
No. of points: 12 pts.
Specifications: 2A, 250VAC/24VDC(For resistive loads).Name: SYSMAC LINK Module.
MModel: C200HW-SLK23 C200H-OD501.
Communications method: N: N token bus.
Transmission method: Manchester code, base band.
Transmission path: Bus.
Weight: 400 g max.

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