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C200H-TS101 Temperature Sensor Module

OMRON C200H-TS101 Manual And Instructions

OMRON C200H-TS101 Product information and technical parameters:
Brand: OMRON
Name: Temperature Sensor Module
Model: C200H-TS101
Name: Temperature Sensor Module.
Model: C200H-TS101.
Temperature sensor: RTD (JPt 100 Ω.).
Input points: 4 points/Unit max. (1, 2, or 4 points can be selected).

Model: C200H-IA122V.
No. of inputs: 16 pts.
Input voltage: 100 to 120 VAC, +10%/–15%.
Input current: 10mA, 100VAC.
Isolation: Photo-coupler.
Indica-tor: LED.
External connec-tions: Remove-able termi-nal blocks.
Inputs percom-mon: 16 pts.
Internal currentcon-sump-tiName: Position Control Module.
Model: C200HW-NC213 C200H-TS101.
Control method: Open-loop, automatic trapezoid acceleration/deceleration C200H-TS101
Control output sig-nals: Pulse-train outputs.
Controlled axes: 2.8 pts, No-voltage contact. PNP.Name: Space Module.
Model: C200H-BAT09.
Description: Replacement for memoryUsed for data input and process value display for the C200H-TC---, C200H-TV---, C200H-CP114, and C200H-PID0-.Model: C200HW-BI081-V1.
No C200H-TS101. of I/O slots: 8 slots.UM: 15.2K words.
DM: 6K words.
EM: 6K words.
Instruction processing time (basic instructions): 0.15 µ.s min.
No. of I/O points: 1, 184 points.
Max. no.of con-necting Expansion I/O Racks: 3 Racks.
Max. no. of connecting High-density I/O Units(i.e., Group-2): Unavailable.
Max. no. of con-necting Special I/O Units: 10.
RS-232C: NO.A memory card suitable for Phoenix PCM+3 C200H-TS101. 2 and one of thefollowing Bus Connection Units is required. No PC card is provided with the Unit.Name: Host Link Module.
Model: C200H-LK201-V1.
Communication ports: 1 RS-232C, 25 pin female.C200H Accessory Interface Unit C200H-IP006Model: C200H-B7A02.
I/O points: 32 output points.
Weight: 300g max.Name: Cam Positioner Module.
Model: C200H-CP114.
Output points: 48 points (16 external output points, 32 internal output points).
External outputs: NPN transistor open collector (withphoto-coupler insulation)
Switching capacity: 100 mA at 24 VDC Simultaneous OUsed to attach Hand-held Programming Console to a panel.I/O Slave Unit.
Number oof words: 64For 1 Unit C200H-TS101. C200H-CPU31-E CPU
High-Performance CIM Version
The C200H-CPU31-E controller offers a high-performance CPU especially designed for computer integrated manufacturing environments.
The C200H-CPU31-E has all the capaabilities of C200H C200H CPU21/CPU23,
with clock/calendar as a standard feature C200H-TS101. This CPU is used in either SYSMAC NET and/or SYSMAC LINK communication

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