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G3F-202SN AC200/220 Solid state relay

OMRON G3F-202SN AC200/220 Manual And Instructions
G3F-202SN AC200/220 datasheetPDF datasheet

OMRON G3F-202SN AC200/220 Product information and technical parameters:
Brand: OMRON
Name: Solid state relay
Model: G3F-202SN AC200/220
Standard certification: No.
Action indicator: there.
Applicable load of output: AC100 2A ~ 240V.
Input rated voltage: AC200/220V.
Insulation: photo coupler.
Zero crossing trigger function.
And the MY type of the same shape of the G3F series of new international standard certification (-VD type).
Achieved UL, CSA, EN (VDE certification) standard certification. (type -VD)
Socket terminal type of same size with MY (2 pole type).
A model with an action indicator to check the status of the input.

Structure: plastic sealed.
Contact structure: 1C.
Coil rated voltage: DC3V.
Small, high sensitivity 1 pole signal relay.
Small size 12.5 (L) * 7.5 (W) * 10 (H) mm.
Wide range of contact switch area 1mA ~ 1A.
High sensitivity coil 150mW.
Plastic sealed type, excellent environmental performance G3F-202SN AC200/220.
Coil contact between the Part68 FCC standard. (1500V, 10 * 160 s)Classification: Models with built-in CR circuits and operation indicators G3F-202SN AC200/220
Rated voltage: Standard products, 100/110 or 200/220 VAC;
Made-to-order items, 110/120 or 220/240 VAC.
New Latching Levers for Circuit Checking.
Added to Our Best-selling.
MY General-purpose Relays.
Now lead-free to protect the environment.
VDE certification (Germany) G3F-202SN AC200/220.
Different colors of coil tape for AC and,
DC models to more easily distinguish them.
MY(S) models with latching levers added for,
easier circuit checking. Isolation method: Relay.
Zero cross function: No.
Operation indicator: Yes.
Applicable output load(See note.): 5 A 100 to 240 VAC.
Rated input voltage: 5 VDC.
Hybridization of a Magnetic Relay and an,
SSR Achieves 10-A Switching for 10 Million,
Operations G3F-202SN AC200/220.
UL/CSA certified (-VD models).
Using a triac to open and close the circuit reduces chattering,
and arching, thereby increasing the electrical durability to 10,
million operations.
Relays contacts for power ON and 10-A switching with high,
capacity are provided in a compact body without the need of,
radiators. Plus, there is almost no effect on heat generation,
or ambient temperature.
Operation indicators to easily check operation.
Built-in temperature fuse prevents internal burning due to,
triac or relay malfunctions.
Socket-type Relays the same size as the 1-pole and 2-pole,
LY Relays. Isolation: Photocoupler.
Zero cross function: Yes.
Indicator: Yes. G3F-202SN AC200/220.
Applicable output load(See note 2.): 20 A at 24 to 220 VAC (at 40°C).
Rated input voltage: 5 to 24 VDC.
SSR with output (5 to 90 A) at a reasonable price
Zero cross function enables less noise operation.
Built-in varistor efffectively absorbs external surges G3F-202SN AC200/220.
Operation indicator enables monitoring operation.
Protective cover for greater safety.
Certified by UL, CSA and TÜV.

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