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G3PC Series Solid State Relays with Failure Detection Function

OMRON G3PC Series Manual And Instructions
G3PC Series datasheetPDF datasheet

OMRON G3PC Series Product information and technical parameters:
Brand: OMRON
Name: Solid State Relays with Failure Detection Function
Model: G3PC Series
Refer to Safety Precautions for All Solid State Relays.
Detects failures in SSR used for heater,
temperature control and simultaneously,
outputs alarm signal. This SSR supports the,
safe design of heater control systems, and,
contributes to maintenance improvements by the user.
Main detection items:
SSR short-circuits and SSR open-circuits,
Alarm output possible to NPN/PNP-input devices.
The failure-detection function is built-in and power is supplied,
from the main circuit power supply making wiring simple.
Slim design (width: 22.5 mm) incorporating a heat sink.
In addition to screw mounting, DIN track mounting is also possible.
Certified by EC, UL, and CSA.

Terminal (Wire connection): Screw terminal.
Classification: Microloads.
Latching lever (Test switch): No.
Rated input voltage: DC, 24V.
Global standard size, low profile slim.
I/O relay with width 6.2 mm.
Realized about 25% lower profile than conventional.
products, contributing to further miniaturization of the control panel G3PC Series.
Realized opening and closing ability with one pole 6 A slim shape G3PC Series
Micro load products for one pole 50 mA using Au-plated.
contacts for small load switching also available.
Since G2RV is a transparent case, confirming the state of,
the contact with the naked eye is possible, and easy to,
confirm abnormality on-site (installed location).
Screw terminal is also stocked to meet the screw type needs G3PC Series.
Mounted relay uses plug-in terminals that are difficult to,
bend when exchanging. Structure: Relays with PCB Terminals.
Classification: Standard models Compliance with Electrical,
Appliances and Material Safety Act.
Number of poles: 3.
Power-switching Compact.
General-purpose Relays.
The standard models include models that are,
compliant with the UL, CSA, and SEV safety G3PC Series.
standards and with the Electrical Appliances and,
Material Safety Act.
Equipped with an arc barrier for arc interruption.
Withstand voltages up to 2,000 V.
New built-in diode and built-in CR circuit models have,
joined the series.
The lineup also includes models that are compliant,
with the LR and VDE safety standards.
Single-pole and double-pole models have AC4,
ratings and DC2 ratings (operating coil ratings:
100/110 VAC, 110/120 VAC, 200/220 VAC, 220/240 VAC,
and 100/110 VDC).
Three-pole and four-pole models have AC4 ratings,
and DC2 ratings (operating coil ratings: 100/110,
VAC, 200/220 VAC and 100/110 VDC). Standard certification: No.
Action indicator: there.
Applicable load of output: AC100 3A ~ 240V.
Input rated voltage: DC24V.
Insulationn mode: three end two-way photoelectric switch G3PC Series.
Zero trigger function: No.
And the MY type of the same shape of the G3F series of new international standard certification (-VD type).
Achieved UL, CSA, EN (VDE certification) standard ccertification G3PC Series. (type -VD)
Socket terminal type of same size with MY (2 pole type).
A model with an action indicator to check the status of the input.

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