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R87B-FA6A15LPFR Box Fan

OMRON R87B-FA6A15LPFR Manual And Instructions
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R87B-FA6A15LPFR Connection Guide

OMRON R87B-FA6A15LPFR Product information and technical parameters:
Brand: OMRON
Name: Box Fan
Model: R87B-FA6A15LPFR
Rated voltage: 230 V.
Permitted voltage fluctuation range: 85% to 110% rated voltage.
Frequency: 50/60 Hz.
Rated rotational speed: 50 Hz, 2100 r/min; 60 Hz, 2200 r/min.
Maximum flow rate: 50 Hz, 0.9 m3/min; 60 Hz, 1.0 m3/min.
Maximum static pressure: 50 Hz, 43 Pa; 60 Hz, 42 Pa.
Noise: 50 Hz, 42 dB; 60 Hz, 43 dB.
Weight: Approx. 1120 g.
Comprehensive Lineup of Single,
Double, and Triple Axial Fans with,
Easy One-step Mounting.
Mounts in a square cutout and conceals the hole-cut to,
simplify installation work.
Cover can be set to open either upward or downward for,
convenience in confined spaces.
Enhanced accessories (finger guard, filter, plug cord,
mounting screws).
Optional Replacement Filter and Vent Attachment.
The lineup includes Single, Double, and Triple Box Fans,
with eight models with plastic blades and eight models with,
metal blades.

Category: power FET MOS relay output.
Points: 16 points (1a * 16).
Public connector side treatment: NPN (corresponding to the source of public).
Rated voltage: DC24V.
Pay attention to the use of convenience and space saving,
Relay terminal for 16 point output.
The terminal block is a long and thin type with a width of 135 * Deep 40mm R87B-FA6A15LPFR.
It can be easily connected to the common end with the independent contact and short circuit chip R87B-FA6A15LPFR
Terminal units for power supply wiring processing can be extended.
M3.5 can be used with the Y fork type of the compression terminal (terminal width 6.2mm).
Can not use the tool to remove the relay. Relay replacement operation is simple.
Equipped with relay type and power FET MOS relay mounted type R87B-FA6A15LPFR.
With action indication LED.
DIN guide rail installation, screw mounting common. Cable type: Standard Cables.
Type: Cable with Plug on One End (M12 Straight) .
Cable length: 5 m.
Cables and Connectors for,
EtherCAT® and Other Industrial,
Ethernet Networks. Cable type: Standard Cables.
Type: Cable with Plug on One End (M12 Straight) .
Cable length: 1 m.
Cables and Connectors for,
EtherCAT® and Other Industrial,
Ethernet Networks R87B-FA6A15LPFR. Pitch: 19.7 mm.
Applicable models: PYF08S.
Insulation color: Blue.
A Wide Variety of Square and,
Round Sockets in Front-mounting,
and Back-mounting Models,
Models available with finger protection.
Hold-down Clips and Socket Bridges for PYF Sockets,
are also available.
New screwless models available. Servo trunk unit.
Product Name: servo relay unit.
Application unit: CJ1M-CPU21/22/23.
Specifications: -.
Axis number: biaxial.
The connector and terminal of the relay unit are integrated into a whole,
Save the wiring servo drive and position control unit.
Servo driver and control signal of position control unit,
Simple wiring on terminal stage R87B-FA6A15LPFR.
The connector without soldering, with only a screwdriver can wiring.
Dedicated connection cable between units.
DIN guide rail installation, the rapid installaation, screw installation of two methods R87B-FA6A15LPFR.
M3.0 thread terminals attached with a special plate signal.
The terminal can be confirmed by the signal name.

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