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OMRON PID Module C500-PID01(3G2A5-PID01-E)Output type: Transistor sourcing.
Inputs points: 24 points.
Outputs points: 16 points.
Product name: AC Power Supply Unit.
Power supply voltage: 100 to 240VAC.
Output capacity: 5-VDC output capacity, 5A;
24-VDC output capacity, 0 CJ1W-PA205C.8A;
Total power consumption, 25w.
Options: 24-VDC service power supply, No; RUN output, No; Maintenance forecast monitor, Yes.
Standards: UC1, N, L, CE.
Equipped with the RUN output for,
checking the operation status,
as well as the replacement CJ1W-PA205C.
notification function for easy,
Lineup of five models including the,
AC power supply (25W).
Stable power supply is available from the,
CJ-series CPU Unit to each I/O Units via the,
dedicated bus CJ1W-PA205C. The most suitable Power Supply,
Unit can be selected among various I/O ,
specifications and/or options. Unit classification: CJ1 Special I/O Units.
Product name: Isolated type DC Input Units.
Input points: 2 inputs.
Signal range selection: DC voltage:
0 to 1 OMRON CJ1W-PA205C.25 V, -1.25 to 1.25 V, 0 to 5 V,
1 to 5 V, -5 to 5 V, 0 to 10 V, -10 to 10 V,
±10 V selectable range DC current:
0 to 20 mA, 4 to 20 mA.
Conversion speed (resolution): Conversion,
speed: 10 ms/2 inputs, Resolution: 1/64,000 OMRON CJ1W-PA205C.
Accuracy at ambient temperature of 25°C:
Accuracy: (±0.05% of F.S.
External connection: Removable terminal block.
No. of unit numbers allocated: 1.
Current consumption: 5V, 0.18A; 24V, 0.09A.
Standards: UC1, CE.
A Single Unit Handling All Types of Inputs,
such as Temperature Sensor Inputs and,
Analog Signal Inputs (e OMRON CJ1W-PA205C.g., 4 to 20 mA or 1 to 5V).
A Unit supports four input channels,
each of which can be set to a
platinum resistance thermometer, thermocouple,
and DC signal (current, voltage).
All inputs are isolated. Product name: E@@S type CPU Units with 40 I/O Points.
Specifications: Power Supply, 100 to 240 VAC; Inputs, 24; Outputs, 16;
Output type: Relay.
Program capacity: 2K steps.
memory Data capacity: 2K words.
External powersupply(24 VDC): 0.30A.
Current consumption: 5 V, 0.17A; 24 V,0.09A.
Standards: UC1, N, L, CE.
The CP1E Programmable Controller: Economical, Easy to use, and Efficient.
The E@@(S)-type Basic CPU Units provide cost,
performance and easy application with only basic functionality CJ1W-PA205C.
The N@@(S@) and NA-types Application CPU Units,
support Programmable Terminal connection, position control,
and inverter connection.
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