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OMRON CJ1W-NC471 Product Name: Position Control, OMRON CJ1W-NC471

Model: CPM2C-24EDT1. Units with 24 I/O points
2 Fujitsu connectors.
Inputs: 16 inputs.
Outputs: 8 outputs.
Input type: 24 VDC.
Output type: sourcing transistor.Name: e-CON Connectors.
Specifications: Inputs; 16 inputs; NPN;
With Short-circuit and,
Disconnected Line Detection CJ1W-NC471.
"Easy" and "Flexible" system expansion,
with linked CC-Link and CCompoNet.
Branching is easily made with CompoNet.
Wiring material cost can be reduced.
Bit-level I/O distribution reduces,
wiring in the system CJ1W-NC471.
A wide variety of CompoNet Slave Units,
contribute to system size reduction.
Seven-segment Display on the Gateway Unit,
helps to detect errors on site.
The Participation Flags and Communications,
Error Flags can be checked at the Host,
Controller to detect the location and,
content of the error CJ1W-NC471.
Unit type: CJ1 CPU Bus Units.
Product Name: Position Control,
Unit with MECHATROLINK-II interface.
Specifications: Control commands,
executed by MECHATROLINK-II,
synchronous communications OMRON CJ1W-NC471.
Direct operation by ladder programming.
Control mode: Position control,
speed control or torque control;
No. of axes: 4 axes.
No. of unit numbers allocated: 1.
Current consumption : 5V, 0.36A; 24V,--.
Standards: UC1, CE.
Decrease TCO with Simple Operation,
Reduced Wiring, Batch Settings,
and Batch Management OMRON CJ1W-NC471.
Control Servos for up to 16 axes in,
a motion network with one Position,
Control Unit that supports MECHATROLINK-II.
MECHATROLINK-II is a registered trademark,
of the MECHATROLINK Members Association OMRON CJ1W-NC471. Unit type: CS1 Basic I/O Units.
Product name: TTL I/O Unit.
Specifications: 5 VDC,
32 inputs, 32 outputs.
Mountable Racks: CPU Rack, CS1W-BC,
@@3, Yes, @@2, Yes;
C200HX/HG/HE Expansion I/O Rack, No.
CS1 Expansion Rack, CS1W-BI,
@@3, Yes, @@2, Yes;
CS1 Long distance Expansion Rack, Yes;
SYSMAC BUS Slave Rack, No.
Words required: 2 input words and 2 output words.
Current consumption: 5V system, 0.35A;
26 V system, --.
Standards: UC, N, L, CE.
Multi-application Controllers:
From High-performance Machinee C,
Highly Reliable Process Control CJ1W-NC471. Available on either 3.5” or 5.25” floppy disks.Model : CVM1-PRS21-EV2.
For ladder.One Ethernet Option Board can be mounted in either option board slot 1 or 2.
Note: Cannot be used for the CP1L-L10.
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